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Optimistic Future for New Thinkers

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

New thinkers, look to an optimistic viewpoint and future.

Look at the situations in your life and make decisions about changing your attitude or dealing with it, if you can’t change the situation.  Start by throwing out the “should” and replace with “prefer” and “choose.”

Perhaps like my client, you tend to say and think “I should look for another job that allows me to utilize my talents” Vague statements just bring about guilt rather than results. When should words are used, change is probably not going to happen because it involves no action, just a meaningless wish. However, contrast this statement; “I prefer to work in an industry where I can be creative. I will make a list of what I want and then look for a position that fits most of the criteria.”

Or; “This job is not fulfilling my passion and so rather than be discouraged, I choose to do it quickly and accurately and with a better attitude. As I choose to be more positive about the parts of the work I do enjoy, more and more opportunities will be opened to me.”

Blaming others or circumstances will keep you frozen and static. Staying in a comfort zone, no matter how painful you might think it is, will never result in growth and the results you want and deserve.

Be optimistic about the future.  You are a smart person and have succeeded at many things in the past and will again in the future.

I have confidence in you

You have been drawn to book because you know that you want to improve your life and find better solutions than in the past.  You want to learn new techniques and tips to help you have the good life you deserve.

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